Xen Pillow: Revolutionize Your Sleep & Banish Pain for Good

Transform Your Sleep

End Your Discomfort Today: Experience Zen-like Comfort with Xen Pillow for the Restful Sleep You’ve Earned.


Meet Our Line-Up of Pillows.

The Xen Pillow can be used for either sleeping and/or sitting to relieve neck pain!


Built with science, made for relief.

Product testers have documented results showing substantial neck and shoulder sleep support benefits using the Xen Pillow.
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Feel refreshed in the morning!

The Xen Pillow design allows for head ventilation at the top, keeping you cool and comfortable.

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Unique design maintains proper body alignment

Use the Xen Pillow for a full neck extension to relief stress and muscle tension.

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One Of The Most Popular Brands

Don’t suffer from neck or back pain any longer. Xen Pillow Support System can help!


Award-Winning Layers Of Comfort

The Xen Pillow Support System is the best pillow for neck and back pain relief.


What People Are Saying?

The Xen Pillow Support System is the perfect way to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain. Our unique design provides optimum support, while the trendy fabric ensures you’ll love using it every night.

I bought the Xen Pillow, and now I rest comfortably, and the pain no longer keeps me awake all night.

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Dovie Kay Fisher

Returning Customer

"I was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylitis about 10 years ago...I am so happy to say that since I have been using the Xen Pillow, I have been sleeping much better"
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Marlene Johnson

Returning Customer

"I fully endorse Xen Pillow and always recommend them to my patients with chronic neck pain."

Daniel B. Junior, D.C.


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Press Release

Xen Pillow is the newest and most innovative pillow on the market. It was designed to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain. Check out the press releases below.

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Xen Pillow Picks up Endorsements From Licensed Medical Professionals
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Xen Pillow Announces New Orthopedic Product Line to Provide Continual Relief from Neck Pain
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